head shot   Art is one of the great achievements of humanity.  If we as a species, have ever come close to a universal language, it would be art.  In my life I have been a scholar, teacher, artist, photographer and now I am adding filmmaker to the list.

For many years the focus of my career was art education.  Art k-12 and working as a substitute teacher.  It was a very rewarding experience bringing more and more powerful communication tools to students.  There were some grand successes in that time. I know I made a substantial difference in the lives of my students.

As rewarding as teaching was, I personally wanted more so I  took my own advice that I used to give to students, “Push yourself”and went back to school.  That is how I ended up in graduate school for the second time.  I enrolled in the television radio and film program offered through S.I. Newhouse at Syracuse University.  My focus has been on story telling through editing, directing and shooting. The goal has been to learn as much as possible to better enable telling a complete story.

It has been a long road to get to this point, but nothing worth doing is worth doing half way.


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